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Welcome to Eclipse Bar, estabilshed in 1986. We have been welcoming guests young and old for three decades. We offer great drinks and cocktails in a exotic setting includin a waterfall, pool and landscaping. During your holidays, come and join us for a relaxing day or memorable night dancing to a variety of the best music in town.


With careful planning and at huge expense, for our guests, we have created an impressive pool which we offer you for your night time enjoyment. Swim with your friends during our hot summer nights. And for the brave, you can jump from our 5 meter cliff. As far as we know, no other bar in Greece can offer you this!

Here at Eclipse Bar, we can cater to your group. Any size group - 10, 100, 1000 or more. Just send us your plans on our contact page so we can get back to you to help meet your needs as well as give you a set percentage discount for your special occasion.

At Eclipse Bar, we serve name brand alcohols as standard. On our top shelf, we also stock Johnny Walker Blue, Grey Goose, Belvedere, Elite - among others. For champagnes, we stock Dom Perignon, Crystal and Moet. 

At Eclipse Bar, we love music. All kinds of music. We play music to cater to all tastes - Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and House. We challenge you to come up with any tune for us to play. Guaranteed our professional DJ has the tune for you and your friends. 

Celebrate Your SPECIAL Occasion

Laze your days away next to our pool on one of our FREE sunbeds ( full sun exposure with umbrellas ) Enjoy one of our many varieties of cocktails next to our pool 

Our music

And of course...our pool!

Our Free sun beds